Reviewing your client's films (X-Ray, CT, MRI, et. al) is an extremely important step not only in providing cost estimates but actually creating exhibits.

Instructions on how to send these images electronically are below. Given that virtually every CD is different, these are basic guidelines and sending us a physical CD/s may be necessary.

*If you prefer to send us the physical CD/s regardless, that is certainly always an option. Our mailing address is here.

*Please also feel free to share the files and folders from the CD/s with us via dropbox (or a similar method of your choice) 

Instructions for sending radiographs electronically. 

  1. With the CD in your computer, close any programs/software that 'auto runs'.
  2. Right click the CD's icon and open it to view the contents of the CD; depending on your operating system (windows/mac) this option may resemble any of the following: "open", "explore", "open CD to view files", "view contents", "view files", etc.
  3. On the CD you will now see multiple files and folders (denoted by the icons seen next to each item on the CD) - we need folder/s only - **you don't need to send anything off the CD/s except the folders themselves (we don't need files, just folders-limiting what you send will make the process more efficient for both sender and receiver).**
  4. Select all of the folders on the CD, zip/compress them into a single .zip file (zipping/compressing is an option made available by right clicking what you want to zip, click here for more info.
  5. Please include all pertinent radiology reports with the transfer, if you have not provided them already.
  6. Upload the zip file to our file transfer site here (please be sure to include your sales rep's email address in the "email to" field).

*If you have multiple CDs you will need to repeat this process for each CD-however, multiple zipped folders can be sent as one transfer.

Having trouble? Please see this link for help zipping and uploading.

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