We offer our radiology consult service as a value-added service to our clients. In our experience having the images reviewed, chosen and marked-up on our end makes for an accurate result, as well as an easier and more timely production process. However, it must be understood by our clients that the picking of radiographic images can be somewhat of a subjective exercise.

Our degreed medical illustrators and physician radiology consultants do their best to pick the images that they feel will be the most effective in regard to the project and the theme of the case. Nevertheless, High Impact always gives its clients the option to not use its radiology consult services, and instead have the clients own "experts" pick and provide specific radiology studies and images that they would prefer to use. As a result, High Impact will not be held responsible for any reasons should the project need to be altered with other/additional imaging. Changes and/or additions requiring the use of alternate imaging studies/films will be subject to change order and added costs.

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