Once the completed exhibits/animations have been authorized, we will take the necessary steps to finalize the project. Please note that final, non-watermarked, versions of your exhibits/animations will be delivered only AFTER receipt of payment in full or the entire balance that is due. You understand that any delay in payment or failure to pay any amount still owed/due will result in delays and/or failure of final delivery. Note: watermarks are only removed once final and complete payment is made. High Impact will not be responsible/liable for any problems/issues/hardships suffered by client that may arise due to having not received final and complete payment as required.

If you have purchased exhibit boards, we will print the exhibits and mount them to laminated foam core exhibit boards. Exhibit boards are delivered priority overnight via Federal Express. Digital or animated presentations will be delivered via a download link (copies on disc are also available upon request). Client materials will be returned with purchased exhibit boards. For projects which do not include exhibit boards, unless directed otherwise, all materials will be destroyed 10 days after final approval of the project. 

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