The timeframe/s in which we deliver custom exhibits is dynamic in nature - our production pipeline is constantly changing and therefore, so to do our delivery times. We will obviously provide this information as it is available specific to each project before any decisions are made.

Turnaround times are dependent on the specific type of project/department.  Special circumstances do arise and we often are able to deliver inside of these 'normal turnaround times' - however, this typically warrants expedited rush fees (determined on a project-to-project basis).

In all scenarios these times assume we've reviewed the case materials we need to draft an exhibit proposal, you've reviewed (and maybe tweaked) said proposal, and you have returned to us the proposal, officially authorizing us to begin production on your project. 

Turnaround times for custom projects, by department (general guidelines)

  • Medical Illustration: 10-14 business days (from date of proposal authorization)
  • Graphic Design: 10-14 business days (from date of proposal authorization)
  • 2D Animation (All types - medical and forensic/timelines): 15-30 business days (from date of proposal authorization)
  • 3D Animation (medical and forensic): 30 business days minimum (from date of proposal authorization)
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