High Impact prides itself on delivering custom exhibits tailored to each individual case that we partner on. The prices we offer for 'custom exhibits' assume we may be reusing some existing 'creative assets' that we already have.  

What this means is almost everything we do is custom but that does not imply we're starting from 'scratch' on every project. Understanding there are situations where 'stock' or 'library' exhibits are most feasible, we do provide options for such.

We do not bill by the hour (like, e.g. a divorce attorney) but the proposals we provide are based on our hourly rate.

Reviewing specific case materials allows us to provide the most concrete estimates in terms of scope and costs.  That said, our pricing structure is outlined below:

Pricing Structure 

  • $175/hr: Medical illustration
  • $175/hr: Graphic/interactive design
  • $175/hr: 2D/3D Medical animation
  • $175/hr: 3D Forensic animation
  • $2,500 retainer: required for all motor vehicle animation proposals and custom 3D medical animation proposals
  • $250 for stock, existing, as is 'library' illustrations (this includes minor text changes)
  • $1,500 for stock, existing, as is 'library' animations (3D)

Billing Structure

  • For projects under $10,000 we require payment in full, up front
  • For projects exceeding $10,000 a 50% retainer is required to begin production, with the remaining 50% due upon proof delivery
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