The Maestro Interactive Touchscreen Presentation System is a visual communication tool used in litigation to capture the attention of jurors and inspire their engagement. Develop your argument, organize your visual media and conduct full creative control over every aspect of your message. Maestro blends an intuitive touchscreen interface with a user-friendly arsenal of tools that empower you to command your case with a new level of depth and interactivity.

Why use Maestro? 

People retain 10% of what they hear from an oral presentation, 35% from a visual presentation, and 65% from a visual and oral presentation. Maestro empowers you to orchestrate a compelling visual experience that informs, engages and inspires your audience to understand and remember your message.

  • Display and edit multiple assets like videos, animations, documents, and photos all at once.
  • Move dynamically and organically through your presentation without being handcuffed by sequential slides.
  • Drag and drop while presenting for immediate display of any type of asset.
  • Ideal for small workgroups, conference rooms, focus groups, mediation, and trial.

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